Jun 5 • 1HR 35M

A conversation with Graham Pardun

Hand-building a home, the sabbath of the heart, and living an incarnate life

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Ragan Sutterfield
Graham Pardun
Host Ragan Sutterfield interviews a diverse mix of Christians on how they practice the way of Jesus in their daily lives. Each interview includes insights that will help you on your own journey.
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Sometimes I read a writer whose words burn with energy and light; setting blaze to my thoughts in a way that keeps burning for weeks after the initial spark. That was my experience when I began reading Graham Pardun’s Sabbath Empire newsletter. I immediately reached out to Graham and he agreed to have a conversation. It was as good to talk with Graham as to read him and I’ve continued to reflect on the insights he shared in our conversation. I hope this recording proves as fruitful for you as talking to Graham was for me.

Below are a few of the books and writers mentioned in the conversation: