The Willow at the End of the WorldListen now (10 min) | A reflection on the "Tree of Life" in Revelation 22
A Maundy Thursday Reflection
Meta, Fantasy, and the Found WorldOr how only reality will give us freedom
Some thoughts on listening, economics, and agriculture
Jon Stock - Friendship and the Love That Covers AllListen now (93 min) | A conversation with Jon Stock, the co-founder of Wipf & Stock publishers, about friendship, life in community, and good reading…
Sylvia Keesmaat - Living Justly in the Midst of EmpireListen now (104 min) | Syvlia Keesmaat is a biblical scholar and permaculturalist outside of Toronto, Canada. In this wide ranging conversation we talk…
Steven Tomlinson - Becoming a Person for OthersListen now (91 min) | Economist, theologian, and playwright Steven Tomlinson shares his journey toward becoming a person for others.
C. Christopher Smith - Imagining and Celebrating CommunityListen now (113 min) | Chris Smith is a writer and editor deeply embedded in the life of church and place. In this episode we talk about his journey to…
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